Safety and efficacy of multipolar RF in the treatment of abdominal cellulitis

Cellulite is a metabolic condition that affects, mainly in women, the subcutaneous tissue of the posterolateral thighs, buttocks, pelvic region and abdomen. It is characterized by cutaneous dimples and knots that remind of an orange peel. Despite the wide range of treatment options for patients with cellulite, there is a lack of data to support their effectiveness. In this study the efficacy of a multipolar radiofrequency (RF) device with pulsed and new generation magnetic fields for the treatment of cellulite was evaluated. The study was conducted on 25 adult and healthy women with stage II or III abdominal cellulitis, who underwent 8 weekly treatments.

At 1 week from the beginning of the treatment the reduction of the subcutaneous thickness was observed in the axial and sagittal plane of the abdomen, with high levels of patient satisfaction (60%). At the end of the study (12 weeks), a significant improvement in the appearance of cellulite was demonstrated, with no adverse effects. Conclusions: this study demonstrates the safety, efficacy and satisfaction of the subject of multipolar RF with pulsed magnetic field therapy in the treatment of abdominal cellulitis.

Wanitphakdeedecha, Rungsima, et al. “Efficacy of multipolar radiofrequency with pulsed magnetic field therapy for the treatment of abdominal cellulite.” Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy (2017): 1-5.

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