Presentation of the book “Oloproteic Diet”

It will be presented in international preview, on Friday 3 December at the University of Salerno, the book “Oloproteic Diet” by dr. Giuseppe Castaldo . The author, a nutritionist, formerly in charge of the Operative Unit of Dietology and Clinical Nutrition of the A.O.R.N. Moscati di Avellino, as well as a specialist in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Food Science, is the creator of the Oloproteic Diet, a real nutritional therapy capable of counteracting insulin resistance, fighting generalized or localized adiposity and implementing dietary liposuction. The book “Oloproteic Diet” (in Italian, English and Romanian versions), explores the history of ketogenic diets in Italy and the Castaldo method, applied to thousands of patients and able to prevent and treat metabolic, inflammatory or chronic-degenerative pathologies. The work will be illustrated and made known to the public as part of the “Nutriketo Event” organized by Prof. Luca Rastrelli, Full Professor of Chemistry, Technology and Formulation of Supplements and director of the University Course in Ketogenic Diets and Nutritional Therapies: Supplements and Nutraceuticals “Nutriketo” of the University of Salerno, in collaboration with the San Giuseppe Moscati Hospital of Avellino, and will start at 2.30 pm, in Aula 1 of the UNISA Department of Pharmacy (via Giovanni Paolo II, 82084, Fisciano, SA) . During the event, with a scientific and cultural connotation, there will also be the official baptism of the “NUSA, Nutriketo Scietific Association” and the proclamation of the experts of the fifth edition of the “Nutriketo” Course. For information: and

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