II EDITION of the NutriKeto Universitary Course

The Department of Pharmacy of the University of Salerno in collaboration with the AORN Moscati of Avellino organize the SECOND EDITION of the University Perfection Course DIETS AND KETOGENIC NUTRITIONAL THERAPIES: SUPPLEMENTS AND NUTRACEUTICS (NutriKeto).

The Course for 100 participants will be held at the GRAN HOTEL SALERNO from March to November 2018. The duration of 120 hours allows you to organize it in 8 weekends (Friday afternoon and Saturday).

The course aims to investigate issues concerning diets and dietetics in general, ketogenic nutritional therapies, and the knowledge and use of supplements and nutraceuticals in metabolic diseases, dermatological, oncological, neurological, gynecological, aesthetic, inflammatory and chronic-degenerative, as well as for the well-being and maintenance of good health.

The course is compatible with enrollment in other degree programs, specialist / master’s degree, master’s degree, research doctorates, specialization courses.

The information and registration forms are available on the University of Salerno web page and the deadline for sending the application form is 28 February 2018

It can be consulted on the website of the University of Salerno



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