NutriKeto_Lab: how to reduce complications before bariatric surgery

At NutriKeto Lab we formulated a specific therapeutic protocol to reduce risk of bariatric surgery.

According to the WHO, the number of obese people in the world has doubled since 1980: in 2014 over 1.9 billion adults were overweight, including over 600 million obese.

Severe obesity is a chronic condition often difficult to treat with a simple diet combined with exercise. In case of failure of dietary therapies bariatric surgery is a valid therapeutic option.

The real success or not of a bariatric surgery must however consider various aspects and can not be based only on weight loss. The complications are in fact closely related both to the complexity of the intervention and to the physiological state of the patient that may present, an important extension of visceral adipose tissue, steatosis, insulin resistance. In such patients, a balanced low-calorie diet does not significantly improve these parameters, which are closely related to intra and postoperative complications.

We have developed at the NutriKeto Lab a specific therapeutic protocol, called TNA-BARATRIC, characterized by an aglucidic and normoproteic nutritional therapy, supplemented by alkalizing, vitamins, FOS, micronutrients and various specific nutraceuticals, administered orally; this therapy is able to drastically reduce the thickness of visceral fat, the volume of the liver and in particular the volume of the liver lobe, the degree of steatosis and fibrosis, as well as counteracting the insulin resistance with a consequent decrease in the production of inflammatory substances, metabolic and cardio-respiratory complications.

This 28-day therapy, to be carried out up to the day before surgery, allows to drastically reduce the operative risk, the duration of the surgery, the surgical and peri-operative complications.

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