Focused ultrasound: slender hips and thighs!

The cavitation and focused ultrasound consists of a handpiece that diffuses ultrasound into the tissues causing thermal effect and contraction of the muscle fascia. Energy is focused at a set depth depending on the results to be obtained. The action takes place in depth in a fractional way without damaging the skin and the subcutaneous layer,

It is a non-invasive technique that produces abdominal fat reduction through localized mechanical breakdown of the cell membrane in adipocytes.
A recent study determined the safety and efficacy of an ultrasound device focused on 14 women aged 33 to 60 who received 3 biweekly treatments on one thigh using the other thigh as a control. The thickness of the fat was measured by both the caliber and the ultrasound, the thigh circumference and the patient’s weight were measured and pain, edema, erythema and other side effects were assessed.

Focused ultrasounds have been shown to be safe, effective and well tolerated and have improved circumference (19.23%) and fat thickness (22.20%) of the thighs without significant side effects.

Wilkerson, Eric C., Bradley S. Bloom, and David J. Goldberg. “Clinical study to evaluate the performance of a noninvasive focused ultrasound device for thigh fat and circumference reduction compared to control.” Journal of cosmetic dermatology(2018).

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