NutriKeto_Lab: New bioactive ingredients from artichoke by-products

Nowadays there is a modern vision of agriculture as an activity that can not only satisfy nutritional needs, but also supports other sectors such as nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Agriculture and agrofood industry produce a large amount of residues in non-edible portions from cultivation and processing of crops and by-products; these wastes give serious environment damage, if not properly disposed, also because of their seasonal production.

In the last years, some vegetables by-products have been valorised as a source of bioactive phytochemicals and several studies have focused on the recovery of bioactives from agricultural and food waste and their application in food, functional foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Chemical profile and cellular antioxidant activity of artichoke by-products prove that they are a suitable and cheap source of bioactive compounds in the production of food additives and nutraceuticals. In this paper, researchers of NutriKeto Lab showed that it is possible to recover bioactive compounds from artichoke by-products using  green, rapid, economic, environmentally friendly and potentially applicable on an industrial scale extraction technique.

Pagano, Imma, et al. “Chemical profile and cellular antioxidant activity of artichoke by-products.” Food & function 7.12 (2016): 4841-4850.

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