Turkey sausage with fennel escarole and tomatoes


  • Wild fennel seeds (q.b)
  • Onion (q.b)
  • Lean turkey sausage (indicated in the diet)Smooth escarole
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Vegetable nut

Preparation: Clean, wash and blanch the escarole in a pot with slightly salted water for about ten minutes.
Heat a low, empty pan for a few seconds on the fire, lightly toast the fennel seeds, add a tablespoon of oil, the onion, season with the nut powder, adding a little water. When the onion has softened, place the sausage and the escarole over with a little water of its cooking, add the tomatoes cut into small pieces, season with novosal and pepper. Cover with lid and wait 5/6 minutes to cook the sausage, turning from time to time.

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